Rocky Gets Me So Unemotional

I’m watching Rocky.

Even if you haven’t seen the first film; you find yourself with nostalgia coming out of your ears.

Excuse, me there’s a series of clips showing gradual improvement all whilst set to music.

I’ve caught chickens; its easy. Not as easy as eating it; but at least it keeps you moving. You can fill your belly and your pillow. And you…bone and beak bag…keep that bag away from me.

Sitting here, and knowing I’m a good person, tells me I deserve a puppy.

A puppy I will gradually improve, whilst set to music.

Since that last sentence I am now at work, finishing my lunch just after breakfast and concerning myself with the most convincing ailments.

Diarrhoea is convincing enough to have the boss set you loose back into the public. Just calmly walk in to their office, with one look on your face: the look of a face that shall never express again because apparently I’m only expressing out my arse for the foreseeable.

Your walk should be slightly askew, basically as though you have an exceptionally private reason for keeping your butt-cheeks open and an equally private reason for keeping your knees entwined.

When offered a seat; just slowly shake your head.

“I am going home.” state simply, “I have diarrheoa.”

And immediately, that boss wants to know nothing more about your issue and simply wants you to escape this world and leave them in it.

If they say they can’t smell poo, ask them: “It’s not poo! What is it?! It’s grey!!”

And their urge to remove you from their office carpet and the potential lawsuit of “He made me work whilst sitting in my own grey diarrheoa! A million pounds and an apology should do…”

It’s days later now. I’m so undisciplined I couldn’t even finish Rocky.

Rocky was poor and 20 miles ago.

2 days ago me and the (my) Mrs hiked 20 miles across the county to get a feel for our feet.

You see some sights on a stroll like that.

Like the “fuck me or eat me – whatever” waddle of sheep.

I’m not going to ask; “Is it me?” because I know what people like you are likely to answer with, but it seems to me that sheep really are trying their best to walk sexily.

“Ooh, nibble my wool” Throwing weight from one sexy?/succulent? rump-bump to the other.

I can appreciate how the Welsh and Kiwis get to that stage now.

“Well…what was the sheep wearing?”

“Hardly anything at all!”

“It was asking for it then!”

I’ll end this stream of conscious blogging here by cutting off any thoughts I’m making light of woman-blaming with this other perception I went about and perceived.

This is the perception of having a woman on your knee. Comes across as a powerful chap having some delightful delight on his lap.

Or, in the other reality, there is the perception of a woman using a man for a chair.

Good for everybody.

Mores streams-ofs-consciousnesssssssss soons.



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